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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  May 14, 2019 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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was it from the knive. >> so much fun. but i'm not saying. but it is. it is the "the five" a lot of fun. nothing compared to the outnumbered crew. >> lisa: you saved yourself. >> melissa: kind of. not necessarily a compliment. here is harris. [laughter] >> harris: fox news alert. a man known as a bulldog of a prosecutor has been tapped to investigate the origins of the russia probe. you are watching outnumbered overtime i'm harris faulkner. attorney general william barr has appointed john durham the u.s. attorney for connecticut to investigate how the russia investigation got started. fox news confirms durham who is known as a hard charging bulldog that's in quotes has been working on the investigation for weeks. the move comes as president trump has pushed for answers why the feds president obama conducted surveillance on his campaign and whether democrats were the ones who
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improperly included with foreign actors. the president says he is so proud the attorney general is looking in to this. in fact, just moments ago when we showed you his comments live. he said he didn't ask for it but that he is glad it is happening. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more now from washington. catherine? >> well, thank you, harris and good afternoon. u.s. attorney john durham is an experienced prosecutor whose portfolio includes highly sensitive corruption cases including the misuse of finn informants, destruction of evidence at the cia as well as ongoing leak investigations. durham began his investigation into the origins of the russia probe weeks ago where he directly with dan coats the director of national intelligence and cia director gina haspel. sources also tell fox news that durham is focused on the months leading up to the 2016 election. including the use and initiation of informants whether it was based on solid evidence and what they call proper will he predicated as well as
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irregularities in the surveillance born application process for trump campaign aid. what's important to note is that attorney general william barr indicated recently during congressional testimony that there are pending criminal leak investigations and the inspector general michael horowitz could deliver his reports on alleged surveillance abuses this month or next. fox news has learned independently a state department official warned a senior fbi official, part of the counterintelligence operation at the bureau about the dossier and its author christopher steele's political agenda before the bureau got the first warrant and that matters because it undercuts assurances the bureau made to the court and that, of course, creates potential legal jeopardy, for those involved, harris. >> i want to ask you about something that came up substantively in the last hour on outnumbered it. has to do with the inspector general, michael horowitz report that's coming up in his investigation into all of this. and not having the subpoena power or the reach power to be able to talk with people who have left agencies.
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>> okay. so the inspector general has broad latitude, harris, within the department of justice to interview current employees within that department as well as the fbi. but he does not have that same power and latitude for individuals who have left the department and it certainly doesn't reach into places like the state department. that matters because of this new information and email chain, if you will, between a senior state department official and a senior fbi official in october of 2016 warning that there were problems with steele who had a political motivation and that matters because it's inconsistent with what the fisa court was told just a couple of weeks later at the end of the month to secure that surveillance warrant for trump campaign aid. so bottom line the appointment of a u.s. attorney like john durham gives you access to a grand jury for criminal investigations and prosecutions and it, to me, from my experience, it sounds like in the horowitz report they have found significant evidence and 245 there will be referrals and
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that the bucket that's going to go into will be durham. >> harris: kind of the same venue, if you will, that bob mueller had when we started to see a few months ago going out southern district of new york and other places last word. goes back to the obama administration that involve the former fbi general counsel james baker so it seems to me from the outside again this was from the outside that lot of the same players were involved in that leak investigation so it makes sense to bring it all together with durham once again. >> harris: very interesting. catherine herridge, thank you sore settings this up. i appreciate it. >> you are welcome. >> harris: first get sits on the judiciary and oversight committee greg "studio by" of florida. great to see you today. >> fonks for having me. >> harris: are we about to learn a lot about what we don't know how the russia probe began? >> i hope. so i have been saying for weeks and months we need to investigate how did we get to where we are today?
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and i think it's great that the attorney general has gotten an investigator to investigate these things and i think the american people are due the information as to why the department of justice was surveying or spying on the trump campaign and i think every american has the right to know about that. if there was criminal activity that was going on and political activity that was going on that precipitated that investigation, i think the justice should be held on those people. >> harris: this is what attorney general general barr said he was going to do. as far as back as his confirmation hearings. he was talking about looking at all of the options for investigations on the table to see what needed furthering if you will. john durham and i said this earlier, has a reputation for being quote, unquote, a bulldog, are you familiar with his reputation and how much would that play a role in all of this? >> i'm not familiar with his reputation but i like the reputation of a bulldog because i think that's the type of person that you are going to need to investigate the type of things that were going on at the doj.
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like was the entire basis of getting fisa warrant the steele dossier promulgated by hillary clinton's campaign. those are things the american people should know and they should be investigated. there shouldn't be any politicizing in our department of justice or fbi. >> harris: is there anything that you would say needs uncovering maybe that we haven't pentagon spent a lot of time focusing on? and christopher steele, a british spy who helped put together an anti trump dossier is something that the american people understand and they get that and yeah, where did that come from and could it happen to other americans being spied on and that sort of thing? is there anything else that pops to you that now we have an opportunity to learn about? >> i'm glad w we will have an investigator specifically focused on this. you heard the president speak about it this type of thing should not happen to another president. what he is talking about where did this all of this come from and where did it start? if this was politically motivated the american public needs to know about it. if there was a crime to obtain these fisa warrants
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and sounds like they are investigating that it needs revealed if that was going on at the doj. >> harris: what i was talking about is what happens with all of americans and the reach of fisa court it's secret and we get that if things were not done properly or legally that's something that americans need to know about regardless of politics. >> it could happen to a congressman from florida, let's say. it could happen to anybody if there is some political motivation and there is not checks and balances in place for secret court to issue warrants to basically surveil on another american. and i think most americans would be very troubled about that. >> harris: what do you make and i want to shift gears here to the former white house counsel don mcgahn. the president has said he should not testify and so i mean, you are a member of the house judiciary committee. has a scheduled hearing with a former counsel for the white house don mcgahn for next week, how would that play a role in all of this? the president, again, doesn't want him to testify. >> well, don mcgahn was
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interviewed for 30 hours. he is quoted more than any other person in the mueller report. so i don't know what in the world the judiciary committee would find out that mueller didn't find out through his 22 month, 25-million-dollar investigation into what was going on. and i think the president absolutely has the right to claim executive privilege. he was the counsel for the white house for the president at that time. and i think he absolutely the president has the ability to exert executive privilege on those communications. >> harris: does don mcgahn have the right to be a no show? >> i leave that is he his own counsel in his own right. i leave that up to him and his lawyers to make that determination. i don't think that we as a judiciary committee are going to learn anything that mueller and his team didn't investigate for 22 months. >> harris: where is this going? if there is an opportunity to talk with don mcgahn, would there be a list of others? you know, the american people have spoken, they have a lot of things they want lawmakers to work on. healthcare, that sorts of thing. is this the same type of
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discovery, if you will, like what william barr is about to do by investigating how the probe began into russia? >> well, you've seen the democrats and especially in the judiciary committee and oversight committee all they care about is trying to undo the election of 2016. that's all of their focus has been is to investigating the president and trying to investigate and find things that they could bring to bring as a basis of impeachment. even members of my own class when i was elected shortly after swearing in talking about impeaching the president. members of the judiciary committee talked about doing that they are trying to do everything they can to undo the elections in 2016 because they can't beat trump at the ballot box. >> harris: i asked that on behalf of people may look at this and say is this just politics going back and forth you investigate here and we'll investigate there? real quick last word. >> i would love for the judiciary committee to focus on items that effect lives 6 americans. protecting our all right and focusing on jobs keeping it booming like it is today.
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>> harris: congressman "studio b" j thank you for joining us. secretary mike pompeo is speaking with reporters after speaking with russian counterpart earlier today and doubling down on the trump administration's maximum pressure campaign against iran. and threatening the united states will take appropriate action if pressure interests were attacked by tehran. this as the "new york times" is reporting the white house has reviewed a plan to send as many as 120,000 soldiers to the middle east in the event iranian forces launch an attack on american troops. rich edson is at the state department now. short time ago, rich, the president as we caught him live here on fox news said that, no, they never would be much bigger if they actually were talking about doing that what are you learning? >> right. what the "times" report outlines shanahan presented this option 120,000 troops in the region if iran were to restart its nuclear program or attack american forces though it says if there were an actual invasion that's not part of
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this plan because it would require far more troops. the president, just leaving for louisiana a short time ago, down played that report from the "times." >> we have not planned for that hopefully we are not going to have to plan for that if we did that, we would send a hell of a lot more troops than that but i think it's just -- where was that story in the "new york times"? well the "new york times" is fake news. >> the saudi government is claiming repeated attacks on its infrastructure most recently the government says that there was a drone attack on an oil pipeline caused minor damage and small fire. this is hours after a u.s. official says a preliminary report, an investigation from the united states points fingers to iran for four oil tankers that were sabotaged recently in the united arab emirates. the associated press says it obtained satellite images of those ships and the a.p. says they show no major visible damage to the ships. iranian foreign minister zoo reef calls the sabotage
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suspicious and he suggested that the united states could be behind attacks like this for what he says is to provoke tension in the region. citing an unspecified iranian threat, the trump administration has already deployed b-52 bombers, a carrier strike group, patriot missile battery to the persian gulf. secretary pompeo says he has discussed iran while he has been in russia. he is in sochi, meeting very shortly with the russian president vladimir putin, just finished meeting with russian foreign minister sergesergey lavrov where they said they discussed interference in the 2016 election and warned russia not to do it again in 2020. >> the russians were engaged in that in 20028 would put our relationship in even worse place than it has been again and encouraged them not to do that that we would not tolerate that. >> russian foreign minister sergey lavrov denied that the russian government interfered in the 2016 election even though the mueller report said russia
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had sweeping and systematic interference in the 2016 election. harris? >> harris: rich, thank you very much. four people are dead a mid-air collision of two float planes in southern alaska. two other people are still missing a live report on that investigation coming up. and, former texas congressman beto o'rourke hit the reset button on his struggling presidential campaign. can he win background in the polls or is beto fever over? [music playing] (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles] i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits. so we changed that. as a financial health coach, i help people every day. i try to put myself in their shoes from my own experience. i connect to them because i've been there.
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as the dow plunged more than 600 points yesterday and concerns were growing about the u.s.-china trade war. but, earlier today, president trump tried to down play the tension as a little squabble. chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with the latest. so it is amazing how some words by the president can help calm things counsel and down like achange in the news ly might talk. >> i could be wrong, harris and i really don't understand a whole lot about the stock market but it seems to me every day the stock market looks for a reason to go down or looks for a reason to go up. yesterday it had a reason to go down. today it has a reason to go up on the president's sounding optimistic note about the potential for reaching its new trade deal with china. the president saying that he is going to meet with xi jinping on the sidelines of the upcoming g-20 at the end of june in osaka, japan, he believes ultimately a deal can get done. listen to what the president said as he was leaving for louisiana a short time ago. >> we have a very good dialogue.
10:19 am
we have a dialogue going. it will always continue. but we had a deal that was very close and then they broke it. they really did. i think it's going to turn out extremely well. we are at a very strong position. >> the president is coming under criticism from democrats for how he is handling the trade deal. 2020 candidate joe biden insisting that the president is focused on the wrong thing. listen here. >> my trouble with the trump tariffs wars is they focus on the wrong thing. instead of focusing on what the real problems are, they focus on only the trade deficit and not the stuff that's happening in terms of the stealing of intellectual property, what's happening in terms of around the world how the competition is unfair. >> president trump is focused on the trade deficit but central to the negotiations are the issues of china's intellectual property theft. forced technology transfer. unfair trade practices and forced ownership of u.s. companies who do business in china.
10:20 am
in fact, one of the things that china was reneging on was an agreement on intellectual property theft which is why the president pulled the trigger on increasing the sanctions last week. so, it is unclear exactly what it is that joe biden is referring to there. the president does believe that the u.s. is winning as you pointed out. he called a little squabble at the top of this segment. but the president is preparing to have a very big sledge hammer in his back pocket in case things with china don't go well. he said that he is really considering pulling the trigger on an additional $325 billion in chinese goods. that he would mark for tariffs of 25%. the president said that he hasn't yet made that decision. yesterday, as a little teaser, the u.s. trade representative's office issued a list of all of the items. all of the chinese goods that would be subject to those tariffs. the president trying to keep the pressure up on a man he calls his good friend xi
10:21 am
jinping to see how far he can push the personal relationship into getting a new trade deal with china. harris? >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much. the white house national security team reportedly has reviewed a plan to send some 120,000 troops to the middle east should iran ever attack american forces. i was just talking about this a few moments ago with rich edson at the state department. now more. president trump went after the "new york times" report but not totally dismissing the idea. watch. >> i think it's fake news. okay? now, why do that? absolutely. but, we have not planned for that. hopefully we are not going to have to plan for that and if we did that, we would send a hell of a lot more troops than that. >> harris: dan hoffman joins me now, former chief of the cia's middle east department and a fox news contributesser. good to see you today. so the president says we do it? absolutely. and do you think it's at the point where we should be talking about it? is it necessary, potentially? >> yeah. it is absolutely necessary to talk about it.
10:22 am
listen, i served 30 years in the u.s. government. the one thing can i tell with you my work with the department of defense is they plan for all sorts of scenarios. when things go sideways they need to be able to take that plan off the shelf and present it to policymakers for executive action. in this case there is also an element of messaging iran which has stepped up their threats to us, kinetic threats in the region and other threats as well. we need to make it absolutely clear we are ready to respond. that's what deterrence is all about. it's a clear message to the iranians. >> harris: dan is, iran acting differently than before we pulled out of the agreement that the european allies amend others are still part of it? >> i think they are. look, just recently think have threatenethey have threateo enrich uranium. stem flow of migrants and drugs from the middle east. now we have credible kinetic threats to our people in the persian gulf and people at large. two reasons the iranians are
10:23 am
doing this one is in their view strengthen their negotiating pos posture nuclear deal and second they really understand there is a bit of discontent in iran over their free falling economy and they want to make the united states out to appear to be the scapegoat to try to take the sting out of the discontent among their own citizens. >> harris: i want to talk about the threat they they pose that we have sent b-523 bombers and a strike force a critical amount of battlefield assets if you will. first, i want to hear from iran's ambassador to the u.n. because, dan, he responded to the report that the white house had, perhaps, reviewed military plans against iran. watch. >> these are all psychological warfare. they are not in the business of trying to create conflict -- nobody is going to have benefit from such conflict in our region
10:24 am
except for a few -- some people in washington and some countries [inaudible]. >> harris: i souter of feel like is he out to make us the big monster. they are still the country that threatens israel on the regular, right? >> yeah. i think foreign minister zoo reef should have paid attention to his own president rouhani who said publicly that the united states presence in the persian gulf used to be considered a threat and now an opportunity. meaning he is saying publicly that iran would consider targeting us lethally, kinetically. that's a deadly serious threat. and we have responded in kind as we should with a clear measure of deterrence saying that we are going to bring out the uss abraham lincoln and b-52 and plans on the shelf with 120,000 u.s. troops if you attack us you will pay the price. i don't think iran would be so foolish to do that this that is regime suicide. this is the best miscalculation on iran's part. they know what they're
10:25 am
getting in to if they make a misstep. >> harris: that's making it plain. dan hoffman thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> harris: rasheda tlaib defending remarks about the holocaust and firing back at her critics. a live report. keep watching. ♪ ♪ ngth and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪
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>> i feel like i am glad to be getting back to my family. live a life of integrity and service and glad this chapter of my life is behind me. >> harris: haven't seen him in a while. that is former congressman anthony weiner now a free man after his release from a new york city halfway house today. he spent three months of a 21 month sentence there following the stent in prison for sexting an underaged girl. wiener will be registered as a level one sex offender for at least the next 20 years.
10:30 am
montana governor steve lull lock is now the 22nd democrat to enter the 2020 race. a&e announced today pitching himself as the only democrat to win in a state that president trump carried in 2016. meanwhile, former texas congressman beto o'rourke is aiming to reboot his campaign after a slump in the polls. he says he could do a better job connecting with a national audience. watch. >> there are people unable to come to one of those town halls or states that we have not visited yet. and i want to make sure that i have a chance to answer your questions here today so that they can see who i am and see if there is a way that we can connect at this defining moments of truth for the united states of america. >> harris: peter doocy live in washington. so can you do a reset? >> we will see, harris. first, steve bullock has not made a blip on the democratic primary polls yet but he has done something that none of the nearly two dozen democrats ahead of him have done.
10:31 am
>> as a democratic governor state that trump won i don't have the luxury of just talking to people who agree with me. >> montana where people know him and heading to iowa where he hopes to make a good first impression eight events tomorrow and saturday night. presenting himself as someone who can beat president trump a little more than a year after trying to work with the president on gun control. >> i hope that those areas certainly take both the bully pulpit and leadership in congress. >> thank you very much. great points. >> beto o'rourke's numbers aren't really that much better than steve lull book's. the former texas congressman who for a long time held the launch day record for 2020 fundraising registers just a 4.2% on the real clear politics average of polls. now he is trying something new. branching out from town halls and house parties and retail politics to sit for more national interviews where people who aren't activists might be able to actually see and hear him. >> i just come back to there
10:32 am
is a lot of time. those polls will change. there are ups, there are going to be downs. and there are a lot of people to meet who should have the opportunity to ask questions of me. >> right now beto tralsz biden, sanders, harris, warn and mayor pete nationally says is he encouraged by a cnn poll last week who shows him as the strongest democrat head-to-head with president trump. the challenge, of course, is actually getting through the primaries and making it on to a ballot against the president. >> harris: i remember a whole week when he had to clean up some nasty language over and over and over and over. i wonder if any of that has played a role. that was the last time he was really making headlines. peter doocy, thank you very much. fox news alert now. stocks soaring today and a what has been a volatile start for the week for trading and the u.s.-china trade war. this as the white house is reportedly considering slapping tariffs on an additional $300 billion in chinese goods ahead of talks with china at the g-20 summit next month in osaka,
10:33 am
japan. i went to bring in pete, a former white house trade negotiator with china. in fact, you just left the administration last month. thank you for joining me, cleat. >> it's my pleasure. >> harris: you know, we had a rough day yesterday on wall street. but at the same time, the president could change it all by just simply saying we are still talking. what is happening behind the scenes that you can share? >> well, look, i think what's happening is that as the president indicated, both sides are interested in continued engagement. there are discussions about potentially having a meeting at the g-20. and i think that's a good thing. i think it's in both sides' interests to try to get a deal here. there was a lot of progress that was made before we went a little bit sideways in the last week. i hope both sides can, you know, harvest that progress and actually get a good deal that's going to benefit both of them. >> harris: you know, cleat, i'm curious about what the sticking points really are. they have been heavily newt game of theft of our
10:34 am
intellectual property for years. so that's one thing. and then you've got a more fair, balance without such a big deficit in trade that the president talks about. what is it like? i mean, you just left there, what are the conversations like that can you share on those issues? >> sure. i think there is some sticking points that are substantive and some that are political. when you talk about the substantive sticking points. it is critical tout united states that we get very specific commitments from china that can then be enforced that indicate that they are going to stop requiring forced technology transfer, intellectual technology theft and the things have you been talking about. progress has been made but there has been push back from china. i want to get to the political issue. i think this is a critical point. and critical point given where we are. and that's that i think somehow between now and when the two sides get together at the leader level there needs to be an understanding that this isn't just a u.s.-china issue. and that this isn't just
10:35 am
about the u.s. trying to keep china down. and i think what you heard last week out of beijing was a perception among hardliners that that's what this was. and the reality is that the problems a that the u.s. is are a 2eubg could you late are problems shared by the global community. problems that the european companies have faced, japanese, koreans. it's also not about keeping china down. we want to help china grow. it would be good if china's economy would grow. it just can't do so in a way that is discriminatory and that harms u.s. businesses and workers. and that's the challenge here is helping get a deal where the problems that the u.s. has articulated are resolved but that is done so in a way where china understands it's going to allow it to grow not just in discriminatory fashion. >> harris: you know who told me a little bit about that was the president when i was back at the white house a few months back and china capitulating to certain things. he said i wouldn't use that word. it's not about capitulation.
10:36 am
it's about a relationship that helps further both of us. you talked about that leader level. what is the relationship like. the president says he got a beautiful letter from xi. >> no. i have think the president has said many times in tweets, in interviews that he does have a good relationship. i have seen them. i have heard them interact and i can affirm that that's true. and i think that they do respect each other. as the leaders of the two largest economies in the world. and i think that personality matters in these kinds of deals. i think that's going to be critical to get a positive outcome here. >> harris: cleat, before i let you go, you talked about those broader issues between our nation and theirs. and i immediately think of north korea. i don't know how do you anything with north korea without china's help. >> no. i mean, there is much more to this than just the trade talks. but i think from an economic standpoint, this really has been the issue that threatens the u.s. economy over the long term and the issue we need to get our arms around. at the same time, of course,
10:37 am
we need to work with china in other ways. that's why as we are trying to resolve these economic issues we need to keep the engagement overall positive and ensure there is a good relationship at the leader level. >> harris: cleat willems at the trump administration. one of the negotiators with china. important perspective and information from you today. thank you for your time. >> it's my pleasure. >> harris: democratic congresswoman rasheda tlaib defending her controversial comments about the holocaust. she has been facing criticism after saying that she has a, quote, calming feeling when she thinks about her family, her ancestors, i should say and the holocaust and palestinians providing a safe haven for jews. she says republicans are twisting her words and fired back at her critics last night. watch it for yourself. >> you know, i got a text message from a friend who is like hey, next time really clarify. maybe talk like a fourth grader because maybe the racist idiots would understand you better.
10:38 am
>> harris: chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on chill. how is that going over today? >> not well, harris. following this latest holocaust controversy, congresswoman rasheda tlaib turned a late night television to offer an explanation. >> there is something like in many ways beautiful about that my ancestors, many had died or had to give up their livelihood, their human dignity to provide a safe haven for jews in our world. that is something that i wanted to recognize and kind of honor in some sort of way. >> jumping to tlaib's defense the co-chairs of the congressional caucus saying once again republicans are manufacturing a dangerous and zen folk bic smear campaign against one of the two muslim congresswomen in the united states house of representatives. on the other side, president trump's personal attorney rudy giuliani saying representative tlaib's fond memories of you who kind her ancestors were to the jewish ignores the historical fact that during world war ii the
10:39 am
leader of her people the grand mufti was a close ally of hitler. he murdered jews. he did everything he could to destroy a jewish homeland and the house republican conference chair liz cheney blasted tlaib today on "fox & friends." >> there is just no context in which it is okay to say that a calming feeling comes over you when you think about the holocaust. it's sickening. and then, of course, representative tlaib went on to talk about this view of history that is based on lies, exactly the kind of anti-semitic lies spread to delegitimize the state of israel. >> other republican say far too many insensitive comments in recent months and time for speaker pelosi and her leadership team to take action. harris? >> harris: mike emanuel thank you very much. a mid-air collision between two float planes in alaska has left multiple people dead. several additional injured. a live report. stay with us.
10:40 am
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ask your doctor about eliquis. >> harris: former president jimmy carter is recovering from surgeon a broken hip after he fell monday morning. president carter center says the 94-year-old former president fell at his home in georgia as he was about to go turkey hunting. president trump tweeted his wishes for the 39th president to have a speedy recovery. we wish him well. the ntsb is sending a crew to help investigate a mid-air collision between two float planes in alaska. the u.s. coast guard says four people are dead. several others injuries. two missing. the passengers on both planes were from a royal princess cruise ship. dan springer is in seattle with more. dan, the details, what are they? >> yeah, harris, sadly it looks like that death toll will be going up. the coast guard tells me they have a helicopter, large cutter and small boat
10:45 am
all while looking for the last two missing victims from yesterday's mid-air collision. in all 16 people were on the two planes. that includes the two pilots and 14 people on a day excursion during an alaskan cruise. the princess cruise ship was docked first stop in alaska on their way to an karageorge. the accident happened at 1:00 in the afternoon 8 miles away from where the ship was docked. one of the planes was heading back after taking a flight seeing tour of the national monument. that tour was booked through princess cruises and there were 11 people on board. the plane dhc 3 operated by at a quan air. amazingly that float plane crashed on the water and 10 of the 11 people on board were rescue you had. the coast guard recovered the body of the 11th person today. but the ten survivors are doing pretty well. some were taken to the hospital. four of the more seriously injured were flown to the harvard medical center in seattle. one in serious in intensive care. the other float plane
10:46 am
involved was harf lynn dhc 2 beaver. pilot and four guests. three of the confirmed dead were on it along with the two still missing. the princess cruise in seattle it did leave three hours late. scheduled to arrive in anchorage on saturday. princess cruise's statement reads in part we are deeply saddened to the report this news and our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost their lives and the families of those impacted by the accident. the ntsb has a team heading out to investigate. the weather was good with light winds and 10 miles of visibility. in 2015 nine people were killed in a float plane crash in the same area. that turned out to be pilot error. harris? >> harris: dan, thank you very much. a dogged prosecutor known for rooting out corruption is now tasked with investigating the origins of the russia probe. whether the time has come for the third look into the russia probe, the power panel weighs in. the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
10:47 am
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today, life-changing technology from abbott is helping hunt them down at their source. because the faster we can identify new viruses, the faster we can get to stopping them. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. >> dana: hi, everyone i'm dana perino. president trump is set to touch down in louisiana soon after issuing some warnings for both china and iran. plus, the florida governor saying today that the russians hacked data bases in two florida counties in 2016. and beto o'rourke trying to make amends on "the view"
10:51 am
today. so how did he do? we will debate it on "the daily briefing." [applause] >> harris: attorney general william barr has tapped john durham a corruption specialist to look into the origins of the russia probe. this as the ig has enlisted the help of the cia. the president was asked about it a short time ago today. >> i didn't know it. but i think it's a great thing that he did it. i saw it last night. and they want to look at how that whole hoax got started. it was the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the people of this country. do you know what? i am so proud of our attorney general that he is looking into it. i think it's great. did i not know about it, no. >> harris: power panel now chris bedford the editor and chief of the daily caller news foundation. i haven't seen new a minute. it's great to have you back on the program. >> great to see you, harris. >> harris: judy miller. chris, i'm going to start
10:52 am
with you. knowing the beginning of things that's what the president has asked about. he said he didn't direct this particular event but he is happy about it? >> i think it's a good move, too. a lot has been discussed about what's actually a threat to our democratic process in the last two years. and i think that the question of you who secret warrants were actually obtained with the fisa courts or why the fbi was putting people or, excuse me, our intelligence services were putting spies on political operatives in foreign countries are far more important to the integrity of our elections and if things were done correctly than maybe fake memes or russian troll farms. this is a real issue. it's gone on in the united states for years. there has been surveillance overreach by our intelligence services since at least lyndon b. johnson surveying his opponent. it's dangerous and ought to be looked at. it sounds like the right man to do it. >> harris: jude, beforjudy, befi come to you bob menendez gone after the a.g. for
10:53 am
prosecutor. watch. >> what is alarming about this is that the justice department, the attorney general, who is supposed to be the attorney for the american people, not for the president seems to be used by the president at his own attack force. and it is a chilling set of actions that ultimately i would see in hungary not that i would see in the united states of america. >> harris: is that fitting the facts? you are one of the best investigating reporters on the planet. i don't overstate it. >> thank you, harris. look, this is going to be the third investigation of this issue or the fourth if you count the mueller report, which concluded that the spying as the attorney general called it on the republican campaign, donald trump's campaign was based on, quote: legitimate factors. that was his finding. how many times are we going to investigate this? that being said, i think since the, quote, fake news,
10:54 am
phony investigation hoax witch-hunt has become a republican talking point it is incumbent upon the attorney general to settle this issue once and for all if he can i'm not sure he can because we have other reports. we have michael horowitz' in-house report coming out in june. but that is only of what the department of justice did not what the cia did and what the other. >> harris: it doesn't adjudicate anything. >> exactly. >> harris: chris, we are listening to how many times do we need to investigate fisa situation, that secret court and using an anti trump dossier put together in part by a british spy. i mean, every political party in america should do what with that? >> well, it took the daily caller news foundation not public admittance from the government to uncover stephon halper with was working with the u.s. government to political
10:55 am
operatives for trump. just the last two weeks the "new york times" was able to uncover a actual u.s. intelligence officer posed as his assistant and set up a honey trap for one of trump's political associates. we are learning new things all the time here. the good thing about this attorney general is that he hasn't covered corruption in the fbi in my hometown of boston. has he investigated corruption not corruption but overreach of power during times of war. >> harris: leaks in particular. >> here in washington, d.c., he has worked for president bush. he has worked for president obama, he has worked for president clinton. so far he doesn't seem to be a very partisan person and hopefully judy is right he can put this to bed and there is no serious issue. if there is, it should be uncovered. >> harris: i caught that judy so benign the way he put that honey trap that we learned about recently last word from you. >> look, i think that, in general, it would be terrible if, in fact, there were no basis for the quote spying or the surveillance
10:56 am
of a presidential candidate. but so far mueller seems to have concluded the opposite. >> harris: all right. >> if this helps put this to bed, okay. but let's stop already at some point. >> harris: great to see you both. chris, we have got to have you back on real soon. i'll be right back. >> sounds great. >> thank you. your rates just because of a claim. that's why you're my favorite... i know. are you in good hands? >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we every chip will crack.. this daughter was home visiting when mom saw a chip in her windshield. >> mom: honey is that a chip? >> tech: they wanted it fixed fast so they brought it to us. >> mom: hi. >> tech: with our in-shop chip repair service, we can fix it the same day... guaranteed. plus with most insurance a safelite chip repair is no cost to you. >> mom: really? drive safely. all right. ♪ acoustic music >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, ♪ safelite replace.
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